About My Photography

My photographs are captured using both medium and large
format cameras and analog film, using traditional chemical development techniques, allowing me to produce unique, high quality images that would otherwise be impossible to achieve using modern digital cameras.

The cameras and lenses I use in my craft were designed and built by engineers and optical experts, in some cases the lenses are more than 100 years old.

All stages of the process, from film development to printing is performed by me, here in the studio. Combining traditional film capture with modern scanning and digital printing, a method known as the “Hybrid Workflow” allows one the ability to create one-of-a-kind photographic artworks.

My choice of printing paper is also critical to the overall aesthetic of my finished artwork. I use only the very best quality paper, made from pH neutral cotton  fibers, referred to as “rag” or “cotton rag”. Hahnemuhle – William Turner mould-made paper is one of my favourites, having a slightly textured surface makes it the ideal choice for producing Black & White exhibition quality prints.

Hahnemühle has been making exquisite papers since the 15th
century and I am proud to produce my finest custom prints on them.

According to comprehensive tests conducted by the Wilhelm Imaging permanence testing laboratory, my custom fine art custom prints have a permanence rating that likely exceeds 200 years.

This is all made possible because of my choice of paper and the
incredible Epson Large Format Printers and UltraChrome pigment
inks used in them.